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The Saurashtra Co-Operative Bank Ltd. is proud to offer services of ATM.

Any individual having savings bank account with one name or joint holders having instructions to withdraw with one signature can have our ATM card.

If you have current account with sole proprietorship, or partnership account wherever the withdrawal is permitted with single signature, the ATM card facility can be enjoyed.

Period – The ATM card is issued for five years and than it can be renewed.

Charges :

The Rupay Classic ATM cum Debit cards are issued free of cost.

Currently, transactions at Saurashtra Bank ATMs are completely free. For other Bank ATMs upto 5 Financial or Non-financial transactions during a calendar month are also free.

Debit card replacement charges are Rs. 200/- plus GST

Charges for duplicate / regeneration of Pin (in case of lost or forgotten) are Rs. 30/- plus GST