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“આપણી બેંક સૌરાષ્ટ્ર બેંક”

Rupay Card Offers

Name of Merchant Category Offer Validity Coupon
The Fresh Meat Market Dining Flat 10% off on Fish product. Till December 2019 RUPAYFISH10
Pinki tour and travels Travel Flat 5% off on Basic fare on Hotel Bookings Till 31st March 2020 PTTRRUPH
Monk Story Shopping 20% off *   Till September 2019 RUPAY
Dabur Cosmetics Flat 20%* Till 31/12/2019 Darupay20
Gift My Emotions Shopping Flat 22% * Till December 2019 RUPAY22 | RUPAY15
Zivar Aadi Offers Up to 20% on diamond value.* Till September 2019 RUPAY1
Khadi Naturals Cosmetics Flat 15% off* Till 31/12/2019 Khrupay15
PrintVenue Retail Flat 35% off Till December 2019 RUPAY
Saptami, Holiday Inn Dining 15% discount * From 15-07-18 till 14-07-19
Kalyan Jewellers Aadi Offers Flat Rs.2000 off on Gold & Diamond Jewellery July 15, 2018 to September 30, 2019